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Stories From The Street

"Single Mom who escaped from a bad relationship, with a 5 year old boy, 2 year old boy and an infant. She was set up for housing through WORD. The boys had been sharing a couch for sleeping....end to end. They now have beds and linens. Also a set of dishes, glassware, silverware. That's all she could fit in her borrowed van. We expect to hear from her for more furniture."

"Single Mom who graduated from the Joseph Residence program with a 12 year old, 5 year old, and infant. Beds and dressers for the older kids, chest of drawers for mom, pots and pans, night stands, decorative shelving. She is now the manager at the customer service desk and seems to be doing great. Will try to get her a washer and dryer soon."

"Missoula Housing Authority client needed queen size mattress, box spring and frame, book cases, lamps, love seat."

"Homeless man and wife. He recently lost a leg by being hit by a train - they were living at the train yard. He recently got out of the hospital and the Poverello set them up with a small apartment. We furnished it with a sofa, entertainment center, PIP TV, kitchen table and chairs, microwave oven, and a toaster. A coffee table and dresser we wanted to provide wouldn't fit in the apartment and still allow the man to get around in his wheel chair."

"Poverello Client. Recently got his own apartment. He bought a kitchen table at Wal-Mart, but couldn't afford the chairs that went with it, and had no other furniture. We got him a queen size mattress, box and frame, bedding, pillows, towels, entertainment center, couch - .and kitchen chairs."

"Missoula Housing Authority client: this guy had been living on the street for the past year. MHA helped him get an apartment, but he had no belongings to get started with. We supplied a bed (mattress, box spring, frame), sheets, mattess pad, blankets and pillow, silverware, pots and pans, TV, VCR, table and chairs, a recliner, an end table and cleaning supplies. "

"Another MHA client: this couple got their MHA apartment about a month ago. The legs were broken off of their couch, and it was hard for them to get up and down off of it. They also had no dressers for clothes. We got them a dresser big enough for two, and a big sectional sofa with hide-a-bed to replace their broken couch."

"Valor House veteran: this guy moved out of the Valor House this past week into a rental house. It was good to see him again, as he had shown up to help Home Again move from one storage facility to another a few weeks ago. He's been sleeping on the floor of his rental, and has a ton of books. Through the MHA he asked for a bed and a bookshelf, which we supplied. He needs a couch too, so we put him on the waiting list for one."

"Poverello client: this guy had been staying at the Pov, but got his own place a while back. He needed a few things to round out his new household so we helped with a bed, sheets, mattress pad, pillow, towels, end tables & a toaster oven."


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