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About Home Again

Home Again is a community service program launched and supported by the agents and staff of Prudential Montana Real Estate.

Home Again serves the needs of homeless families and individuals who have been living at transitional housing facilities where furnishings and other household items have been provided for them.  As they leave these facilities and transition back into mainstream traditional housing often times they don’t have the basic items that make a house a home.   Home Again was created to fill this gap.

Home Again collects, warehouses & distributes: furniture, beds, dressers, tables and other basic household necessities such as dishes and silverware, etc.  These items are often donated by our clients through the real estate transactions we facilitate.  

Home Again has established relationships with and serves clients referred to us by the following local non-profit community organizations:

Home Again would like to thank Bryce Nuckols (owner) and Regina Maher (manager) of Pak Rat Mini Storage for generously donating 3 storage units in which we warehouse our donations.  Thank you Pak Rat !!

The Home Again Story

The idea for Home Again began when I got a call from a lady asking if I would be willing to work with a Section 8 voucher for a rental house I had available. I told her that I didn't know how that worked, but that I would be open to learning about it.

She came to look at the house with her beautiful little 3 year old girl and her 16 year old son. I was impressed by her boy who plays high school sports in addition to holding a job. I thought to myself this mom is doing something right.

Knowing that they planned to move on Tuesday, I asked if she was going to spend the weekend packing. She said no, because it wouldn't take very long. Turns out that while living at the Joseph Residence, most of their household needs were provided for.

It became clear that they did not have any furniture. She had noticed that my previous tenants had left behind 2 kitchen chairs and asked if they could use them. I told her of course she could and asked what they would they sleep on? She assured me they would be fine. What about dishes? She had just bought a really great set of dishes at Goodwill for $5. Silverware? No. Living room furniture? No. Beds? No. Dressers? No.

After she signed the lease and left I told a few of our agents her story, and posted a plea for help on our company bulletin board. In no time, agents were calling me with offerings from their own basements and garages. (I'm blessed to work with a lot of really generous people at Prudential Montana Real Estate.) In addition, a lot of other items donated from our clients became available from houses our agents were helping to sell. Within three weeks we filled my tenants' house with almost everything they needed.

Seeing how easily that had come together, it was clear to me that we just had to do more. We help people buy and sell a lot of homes, so why not start collecting and warehousing unwanted items from our clients?

I rented a storage unit and we started collecting stuff. I went out to introduce myself to the directors of community programs that I thought could use a service like this. We currently help an average of about two households a week.

Rick Jessen, Berkshire Hathaway Montana Properties 2018

Current Needs



Microwave ovens

Queen Beds

Twin Beds


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